Stylish Stylus PenDrive 16gb / 32gb / 64gb

Organized much?

Meet the Stylish Stylus Pendrive! It's a PEN, a USB drive, a STYLUS pen for your paper, computer, and phone or tablet, and... it's stylish! It's cool. It's hip. It's all you'll ever need in your hand to get all your writing done-- write it, save it, upload it! Need we say more?

Style: Bottle/Can,Pen,Stick
Interface Type: USB 2.0
Package: Yes
Encryption: No
Product Weight: 10.3g
Product Type: Creative
Material: Metal
Color: Black/Pink
Material: Metal/Jewerly
Capacity: 16g/32g/64g
Style: Crystal
Feature1: Stylus Pen
Feature2: Pen Drive 32gb 64 gb
Feature3: Pendrive 8gb 16gb
Feature4: Mini Usb Memory Stick