Splitter Tablet Divider

Provides Clean-Cut Tablet with Bonus Compartments

Splitting tablets with a kitchen knife won’t divide a pill into an equal fraction, but using this Splitter Tablet Divider can divide it more precisely and balanced. This is a safe and user-friendly pill splitter because no contact will ever happen between you and the blade when cutting time. Simply put the pill in its top compartment and close it down to cut it on your desired dose.

The Splitter Tablet Divider is equipped with razor-sharp blades and designed to position pills more securely so they could be precise and equal. Not only does it cut pills safely and accurate, but this also has four compartments which we all know that the first one is the cutter. The second one is two divided cells, enables you to store two different type of pills, water cup for swallowing, and the last one is the grinder, grinds the pills into powder.

Available in Green & Pink variants, order it and get One for FREE if you place your order today!


Item Type: Pill Cases & Splitters
Material: ABS & Blade
Pill Grinder: Pill Cutter
Tablet Cutter: 4 Layer Pill
Pill Case: Medicine Cut