Sports Silicone Sweat Headband

Your Ultimate Gym Buddy!


For all hardcore fitness enthusiasts, sports jockeys and everyone else, this here is something you definitely should not miss! The Sports Silicone Sweat Headband is specifically designed to keep drops of sweat from getting into your eyes or any part of your face. Sweat is a sign of hard work, dedication and passion for anything you do but also causes accidents and eye irritation. To keep all of that from happening, the Sports Silicone Sweat Headband stops sweat from ever going to your face. Instead, it allows your sweat to drip sideways. It's made from high-quality Silicone that it will not cause any kind of irritation to your skin. With a variety of colors to choose from, don't sweat it and just get any or all of those at a reasonable price. Order the Sports Silicone Sweat Headband today and meet your ultimate gym buddy!




Material: Silicone

Head size: Approx. 58cm - 62cm
Color: Green, Light Yellow, Blue, Violet, Pink, and Black