Staple-Free Stapler

Light and compact mini stapler for home, school and office use

You'll never have to bring a heavy stapler and you'll never have to buy staples again once you get to have this Staple-Free Stapler. It's a cute mini stapler that you can bring anywhere. It can bind 3-5 pages of papers which makes it a perfect tool for keeping your bills and receipts intact.

This is Eco-friendly, won't mess up with your paper shredder since it is paper shredder safe, and totally saves you a lot of money. Safe for children since they are no harmful and sharp points like the traditional staplers.

This is such an office must have!

Products are sent in random colors. Grab one now!


Type: Mini Stapler
Material: Plastic
Power: Manual
Size: Mini

Weight: 0.07 kg