Sticky Fixing Mud

Mold, fix and create!

A fixing clay that allows your imagination to run wild!

You can try any other adhesives or super glues to put together broken things. The Sticky Fixing Mud, however, allows you to fix and be as creative as you want while fixing it. The Sticky Fixing Mud must be molded into shape within 30 mins after getting it out of the package. Shape it into however you want! Create cartoonish mounts for your phone. Protect cables by covering them with the fixing mud. How about covering a cracked scissor handle and at the same time, shaping it into a funny character? It will dry after 24hrs and your things will be as good as new. 

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Material: Silicone
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Quantity:3x moldable adhesive
Usage: repairs; arts and crafts