Vacuum Pot Coffee Maker

Product Description

Every coffee lover's must have!

Do you want to taste the goodness of a syphon coffee? An old fashioned way to brew a coffee is back! A coffee maker that brews a distinct flavorful coffee. Using a syphon is just fun and the coffee they brew is nothing short of delicious. This vacuum pot coffee maker is like a futuristic gumball machine but no conventional drip coffee maker. Looking like some sort of futuristic gumball machine, it is sculpted in curves and smooth, rounded lines making the coffee's aroma more intense. Definitely worth buying, because syphon coffee is a better coffee!

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Operation Method: Manual
Capacity (Cup): <5 cups
Housing Material: Glass
Function: Cafe American
Type: Vacuum Coffee Maker
Certification: FDA
Number of Users: 3
Capacity: 301-400ml

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