Suede & Nubuck Leather Stain Cleaner

Product Description

Special Stain Remover for All Your Suede Leather Shoes, Handbags and Clothing

Special care needs to be taken for both Suede & Nubuck. There is not much visible difference between the two.  Suede leather has been sanded on the inner layer of the skin, while Nubuck is sanded on the outer or exterior skin of the animal, since the outside layer of a skin is tougher Nubuck tends to be more durable. 

This Suede & Nubuck Leather Stain Cleaner helps remove stains.Just rub on to the affected area like you would use an eraser. This can remove most stubborn marks and stains quickly without any adverse affects to suede and Nubuck. Once the mark has been removed, lightly brush with a suede brush to freshen the nap. This is a simple, safe and very effective solution to removing most stubborn marks and stains.

Make the most out of your clothing, bags or shoes investment and order one today.


Type: Shoe Brush
Brush Material: Rubber

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