Superb Foldable Hanger

For a Neat and Wrinkle-Free Clothes

Hang your wet clothes without stretching its collar using the Superb Foldable Hanger. The Superb Foldable Hanger will lock your clothes in place so it won't slip and fall down to the ground. It has a stackable and folding design to save space and clothes will stay on your rack when removing. The Superb Foldable Hanger has a fine texture and smooth finishing that won't snug and damage your clothes too. It is suitable for shirts, jacket, pants, shorts, hats, socks, and much more.

Grab 4pcs of Superb Foldable Hanger when you buy now!


Clothing Type: Clothes
Use: Neatening/Storage
Style: Folding
Material: Plastic
Type: Travel Clothes Hanger

4pcs Peach
4pcs Rose
4pcs Grey
4pcs Blue