Synesthesia Glass - Bluetooth-Enabled Sunglasses

Product Description

Fashionable sunglasses with techie features

These sunglasses are a perfect mesh of fashion and technology. Its design keeps up with the latest trends in eyewear. The lenses are polarized, offering UV protection and anti-glare for your eyes. This pair also has a V4.0 Bluetooth function for listening songs and making and receiving calls. Just pair up your device with this sunglasses and you can basically control with the buttons on your sunglasses like previous/next song control and volume pp/down controls. It's rechargeable and comes with its own USB cable. It's very much compatible with most mobile phone brands like iPhone/Nokia/HTC/Samsung/LG/Moto/PC/iPad/PSP and other Bluetooth-capable devices. Buy these sunglasses today!

Glasses Type: 3D Glasses
Viewing Experience: Non-Immersive
3D Glasses Type: Polarized
Type: Biocular
Compatible Device: Smartphones

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