The Fidget Bundle

Fidget toys are great for those who are hyper, stressed, needs to focus or for those simply looking to pass time and have some fun. If you are tired of the usual fidget spinners out there, here are some that will definitely make spinning awesomely interesting!


Fidget Flip - The Amazing Desktoy You Can't Put Down

Roll-over! This awesome Fidget Flip won't fall! Flip it over and over while you work on your creativity and dexterity. Have fun while you sharpen your focus and hand-eye coordination. Challenge yourself by creating more shapes and moves as you play several sticks at the same time.


 Fidget Flux - The Anti-Gravitational Fidgeting Tool

This is a pretty amazing concept of combining magnets in a tube to simulate gravity of the moon and earth. The coolest way to learn about amazing physics laws and science facts in our Universe while keeping focused and enjoying it as an occasional past-time.


Fidget Orbiter

A totally new way of spinning! The Fidget Orbiter keeps your fingers busy by making the steel ball orbit on the side of the main spinner disc. The ball will never stop and will never fall because it is totally ruled by the power of magnet!


Floating Spinner

This one gives a new meaning to fidget spinning! A revolutionized version, Floating spinner spins and floats back towards you when you play it boomerang-style. Giving you more fun and more time relaxing your body and mind!




This is a mashup of a fidget spinner in a cube shape. A really slick concept. Just hold the corners and make the gyro spin inside the cube. Designed for people who could use an object to channel their stress into.


Whether you're looking for ways to free your mind from stress, keeping your fingers still or gain more focus, these fidget toys will give you an amazingly productive time! And what's more incredible is you get to have different choices to play with and more interesting creative ideas to try!

HURRY! This bundle is for LIMITED time only!