The Magnicleaner - Clean Both Sides Of Your Window Using MAGNETS

Magnetic glass cleaner that cuts cleaning time in half 

While conventional glass cleaners are big in size and would take you a lot of time to get some cleaning done, this glass cleaner uses the power of magnetism to pull in its pair from the other side of the glass and clean efficiently. This means that while you're manually gliding one cleaner at one side, it's pair follows wherever it goes on the other side, totally hands-free!

One cleaning time is worth two sides of the glass. Its small size makes it compact and portable, with an ergonomic design that lets you go through corners easily. Save time for more important things other than cleaning with this impressive magnetic cleaner and order one today!


Style: Scourer
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Usage: Window
Material: ABS+Magnet+Rubber+Sponge
Size: 16 x 13.5 x 7cm

Window Type