The Training Mask

Improve your physical performance

Revolutionizing fitness has become a continuous battle in order for people to strive to be in perfect health and in the best shape of their lives. This training mask was developed for respiratory conditioning. It is also called a high-altitude mask for it limits the oxygen intake of the wearer. The Training Mask forces him or her to complete any training while taking only a small amount of oxygen, thus improving performance in less than favorable conditions. If you want to see how far your own physical prowess can stretch, try out this training mask and see a world of difference from the usual training routine.

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Dimensions(cm): S-M-L
Weight: <70kg, choose size S
Weight:70kg~100kg,choose size M
Weight: >100kg,choose size L
Net Weight(kg): 0.5kg
Portable package includes:
1*Packing box,
1*EVA bag,

Size S
Size M
Size L
EVA bag