Toothbrush Sanitizer

Intensive toothbrush cleaning

We take great care of our teeth but who takes care of the toothbrushes we use to clean our mouths with? A quick run of tap water won't totally clean the toothbrushes we use. That's why a Tooth Brush Sanitizer is a necessity!

This Toothbrush Sanitizer releases UV rays that kill bacteria hiding within the bristles. About 6-8 minutes of UV exposure will make sure that the brush we put in our mouth is germ-free! Plus, this Toothbrush Sanitizer consumes low on power and created in the form of a simple traveling case you can bring anywhere you go. 

So if you want to make sure that your teeth are totally clean, get yourself a Tooth Brush Sanitizer today!


Item Type: Toothbrush Sanitizer
Size: 223X62X29mm
Material: ABS,TPE
Power: 2 AA batteries
Power consumption: 0.5W
Ozone density: 0.01 ppm - 0.05 ppm
Product size: 223 * 62 * 29mm