Touch Screen Waterproof Cycling Bag

Bike bag and crossbody bag in one

Here's a good convertible bag that you can use on your bike or just wear on your person. The Touch Screen Waterproof Cycling Bag features a clear, built-in pouch that's also touch screen capacitive so that you can operate your phone while protected inside. It has a large capacity for your personal things that you usually bring on-the-go. It's waterproof material ensure that your essentials don't get soaked. Designed to be fashion-forward, it's a versatile bag made for the truly modern urban warrior in you!

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Certification: CE
Function: Rainproof
Material: Oxford
Size: 22 X 11cm
Application: Bicycle Handlebar Bag, Bike Front Tube Bag, Bike Frame Pannier
Feature: Waterproof, Large Capacity, Touch Screen, as Shoulder Bag, Portable Size
Package Included: 1x Touch Screen Waterproof Cycling Bag

Rose Red