Tourmaline Vest Posture Support

Relieves Pain and Corrects Bad Posture!

This Tourmaline Vest Posture Support can aid in correcting bad posture and other back-related pains. This vest has Tourmaline gemstone that emits far infrared radiation in the 4-14 micron wavelength. Far infrared therapy is believed to be a truly effective therapy practiced in Japan. Main benefits includes relieve stress, increase alertness, stimulate circulation, and boost the immune system.

The Tourmaline Vest Posture Support helps promote sleep quality, metabolism, supports fat loss, and relieves pain and fatigue from working. It also has a comfortable and retractable strap for a nice, proper fit to your body. Order the Tourmaline Vest Posture Support today!


Item Type: Braces & Supports
Effect: Release Pain From Illness
Color: Black
Material: Neoprene, Elastic fabric, PP bars, and Adjustable straps
Function: Posture corrector
Feature: Back Shoulder Posture Corrector
Sizes: M, L and XL