Travel Keyboard

A pocket keyboard you can bring anywhere

Traveling doesn't have to keep us away from our devices. While there are laptops, there will be times that they'll be out of commission for a while. This leaves you your smartphone. While it can access files almost the same way as a laptop, navigation is a totally different story.

This Travel Keyboard will definitely make things easier as it will enable you to make use of your smartphone, PDA, or tablet PC via Bluetooth. And with a built-in touchpad makes it pretty similar to a laptop. Now you can easily access, create and make edits to your files on-the-go! The Travel Keyboard is lightweight, folding, and wireless. It's a techie's partner all the way through! 

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Folded size:152 x 98 x 18mm
Open full size: 304.5 x 97.95 x 8mm
Material: plastic
Keyboard lifespan: 3 million
Bluetooth version: 3.0
Interface and connector type: Bluetooth
Power type: lithium-ion battery
Lithium-ion battery capacity: 140mAh
Working voltage: 3.7V
Standby current: 0.25mA
Use key the working current: less than 3mA
Use touchpad the working current: less than 8.63mA
Working distance: less than 15m
Button material: ABS
Keyboard layout: 63 keys