Ultra-Absorbent Smiley Coasters

Protects Your Furniture Against Dripping!

We all know that cold and hot drinks sweat in the bottom which can lead to damage or make your furniture dirty and old. Prevent any of that by using the Ultra-Absorbent Smiley Coasters. It keeps the moisture away from your beloved furniture. This coaster can easily and instantly consume all the contraction dripping off the glass.

The Ultra-Absorbent Smiley Coasters is made out of diatomite rock, which the absorbent volume is far forceful than the standard coaster. Its job will keep your table well condition and always look brand new/clean. With an additional unique and bright appearance, making it an ideal home decor that your guest will love and adored.

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Note: When you placed an order, you'll get 3 pieces of this cute coasters. So, grab now!


Item Type: Coaster
Style: Modern
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Shape: Round
Table Decoration & Accessories Type: Mats & Pads
Material: Diatom
Size: 10*0.9cm
Weight: 96g

3pcs - Green
3pcs - Gray
3pcs - Pink
3pcs - Yellow