USB-Enabled Dental Brush

Product Description

A Thorough Dental Cleaning At Your Home

No need to have those frequent dental visits when you can maintain your own dental care at the comfort of your own home. This USB-Enabled Dental Brush is designed to work like an endoscope that lets you check the interior of your mouth. 

You can check the teeth in the mouth, redness, skin texture, anti-aging, pigmentation, old age acne, pigmentation and other skin problems. 

This dental brush is smothered with modern technology; it has camera features that let you take photos, high focal lenses, and master chip that is compatible to work with all the recent operating systems.

A perfect tool for all practicing dentists and even at home use. It's easy to operate and inclusive of a complete instruction manual.

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Item Type: Teeth Whitening
Model Number: 10425
Ingredient: ABS
Size: Moderate
NET WT: 150g

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