Vintage Straight Edge Barber Razor

Product Description

Nothing beats the vintage look!

The Vintage Straight Edge Barber Razor is one of the most popular and classic razors since 1600's and of course, up to now. Made from high-quality materials like Stainless Steel and Aluminum to ensure that it lasts long and provides an overall protection against possible dents, scratches, and rust. Since the handle is made from high-quality Aluminum, the Vintage Straight Edge Barber Razor is contoured to fit perfectly in your palm without it slipping from your hands. You can't take away that nostalgic feeling when using this straight-edge razor. Along with it's trusty and sharp blade, it comes with this foldable style for it to be easy to use, easy to wash and easy to store. Hurry now and get this Vintage Straight Edge Barber Razor today!


Item Type: Razor
Gender: Male
Use: Face, and Body
Overall Length: 28 cm
Folded Length: 18 cm
Blade Width: 2 cm
Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Aluminum

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