Whiskey Bullets

The Coolest Way to Keep Your Drink Cold

Keep your favorite liquors cold, bad-ass style, with Whiskey Bullets!

The Whiskey Bullets are super fun drink coolers that are made with stainless steel. Inside it is a combination of edible ethanol and pure water, which would keep your drink cold, in the safest, yet most awesome way! Simply freeze the bullets and toss them onto your drink, so you'd have iced cold wines, or hard liquor, for a longer period of time!

Keep your drink cold, like a boss! Only with Whiskey Bullets! 


Type: Buckets, Coolers & Holders
Buckets, Coolers & Holders Type: Wine Coolers & Chillers
Model Number: Stainless steel Stones
Feature: Stocked, Eco-Friendly
Certification: CE / EU
Metal Type: Stainless Steel
Material: Metal
Size: 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm