You Will Get Thrilled By This Wireless Toy!

This new and advanced toy is for sure will become the newest favorite of every child, teenagers, and even adults out there!

Who would not be impressed by this Robo-Ball? Everyone will be fascinated to have one of theirs when they see you playing it around your neighborhood. The Robo-Ball is fully powered by Bluetooth connections via phone, tablet, and laptop. This incredible ball can do multiple tricks like moving back/forward, turning, full stop, and circling around. Its built-in LED light is so exciting for it randomly flashes various colors. Think whatever color you could imagine. It could be like a rainbow, flashing lights, and many other. Moreover, it is WATERPROOF! Why not create games for family or friends in a swimming pool and control it underwater? No one can beat a toy like this! It is completely an out of this world, superb experience for you!

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Gender: Unisex
Age Range: 6 years old and up
Features: Flashing
Diameter: 10cm
Applicable: Bluetooth
Type: Bouncing Ball
Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: ABS