Woof Washer

Attachable hoop that effectively cleans your pet

When your furry friend just can't sit or stand still, bathing him can be stressful. So why exhaust yourself when you can save time and effort with Woof Washer!

The Woof Washer bulb head is a hoop device that you can attach to your garden hose. Just slip the hoop over your dog, slide to turn on and use to clean your pet's whole body right away! You can even add your dog's shampoo at the dispenser. The hoop has holes where jets of water gently comes out to give your pet a 360-degree cleaning so you won't have to keep turning around to get to hard-to-reach areas.

Order Woof Washer today and make bath time fun again!


Type: Dogs
Brand Name: DogLemi
Material: Plastic
Item Type: Pet Bath Sprayers
Size: D 30cm (Large)
Name: Pet Bath Sprayers
Color: Gray
Weight: 0.32kg