Write Charger Pro

Get to have the world's coolest pen!

The Write Charger Pro n is knocking at your door with its 4 amazing functions! Need to take down notes? Its 1.0mm writing point will make your penmanship more visible. You can also use it as a stylus pen for your touch screen phone and gadgets. Aside from that, it works as a screen wiper too, so whenever your screen needs cleaning, all you have to do is take this pen and wipe all the smudges away. Most of all, this pen amazingly works as a power bank with a 650 mAh capacity! When you're out of battery power, Write Charger Pro will be there to save you.

What else could you ask for? Write Charger Pro is really the world's coolest pen! Buy it today!


Ink Filling Type: Not Applicable
Color: Black
Ink Color: Black
Dual-side Writing: No
Writing Point: 1.0mm
Color: White Grey Black