Traction Wires

Product Description

Tire zip wires that give you a lot of traction

Cold climates may mean snow, rain, or mud that can leave your vehicle trapped in the middle of the road. Dealing with slippery ice and such can not only leave you stranded but there are hazards that can come being alone in the middle of nowhere especially if you can't contact anyone for help. If you have Traction Wires, it'll definitely save the day!

These zip ties have tire studs molded on them that can help your car get the traction it needs. Simply slip each zip tie through the tire rims and lock them tight. Cut the excess and start driving. Your vehicle will be able to drive away quick. Depending on the size of your tire rim, uses 5 pieces of the zip ties on each wheel result with the best performance. Nevertheless, it's a necessary emergency tool that helps you get out of hopeless condition. Bonus offer : Buy a pack for 10 today!

Item Type: Snow Chains
Package:10 pieces/set
Item Length: 90 cm
Item Weight: 0.042 kg
Material Type: Nylon Plastic
Item Width: 1 cm
$17.99 $29.99
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